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Interviews With Kirk Cameron, Catherine Hicks and Jonathan Jackson by: Lisa 

Jim and I recently went to LA to interview actor Kirk Cameron, actress Catherine Hicks and actor Jonathan Jackson.

Kirk Cameron is known for starring in the hit series, "Growing Pains" and the married father of six spoke with us about his latest movie Fireproof. Fireproof, an independent film made for half a million dollars, with all volunteers, has already grossed over 23 million dollars and has gotten great reviews. The message of this powerful film is the importance and commitment of marriage.

 Lisa, Kirk Cameron and Msgr. Jim

Catherine Hicks, who played the mother Annie Camden on the popular long running series "7th Heaven", talked to us about what her faith means to her, her marriage and what she wants most for her teen daughter.

 Lisa, Catherine Hicks and Msgr. Jim

And Jonathan Jackson, the three time Emmy Award winner, who played Lucky the son of Luke and Laura on General Hospital as well as starring in several movies, talked about growing up in Hollywood while keeping his faith and values strong. Jonathan is now back on General Hospital reprising his role as Lucky.

Lisa, Jonathan Jackson and Msgr. Jim

So besides getting to travel and stay in beautiful Beverly Hills, Jim and I had the opportunity to get to speak in depth with these three terrific people and we'll be bringing you these interviews soon....

The series is scheduled to air on Sunday mornings on WCBS-TV!

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A Meaningful Life by: Lisa 

I read an article the other day on how to have a meaningful life. Not an uncommon topic in many magazines. Most people want to have fulfilling work.

And many are searching for the best ways to use the gifts they have, at work, at home or in relationships with others. But our society does often associate money and fame with worth.

My 17 year old daughter recently told me, "I want to go into acting. I want to be famous." While I told her that acting is a wonderful profession, I also explained to her the percentage of people that actually become famous and the reason for her to want to study acting or be an actress shouldn't primarily be for fame. It has to be a passion. Something you feel you need to do and can't imagine not doing.

The people we'll be interviewing, like Derek Jeter and Anne Rice had that passion, Jeter for baseball and Rice for writing. And after each reached fame and fortune both still realized the importance of doing good, of making a difference. Many people feel that if I had this job, or that amount of money, I'd have it all. Jim and I will be speaking with people who 'have it all' fame, money, looks....but who haven't forgotten their faith and values and who still want to have meaningful lives.

Hopefully their stories will not only be entertaining, revealing, and moving but inspiring. Because no one ever talks to these famous people about the things that matter most...

We thank you also for your comments and good wishes!

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What We Believe by: Lisa 

Just came back from a great trip to the west coast and for the flight there picked up some reading material. One magazine that sparked my interest was Newsweek. On the cover was a photo of Barack Obama looking deep in prayer with the headline, Faith and Politics: What He Believes. That made me think, why is it important for us to know what a presidential candidate believes and his relationship with God? For one thing there are misconceptions. For instance, with Barack Obama 12% of voters believe he is a Muslim and more than a quarter believe he was raised in a Muslim home. Both of which are incorrect.

Our faith and values are an important part of who we are. Understanding a presidential candidate's beliefs helps us to better know the man or woman. Barack Obama is still reticent to discuss what he really believes, afraid of offending potential backers. We should openly hear and speak about religion and faith, without proselytizing.

By hearing well-known public figures speak about their religion, we not only learn, if it differs from our own, but can be inspired in seeing that we all have the same questions about the meaning of life... 


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TV That Matters by: Msgr. Jim 

About 90% of Americans say they believe in God. But that's not reflected by religious programming in popular media. That's where Close Encounter fills an important void. We give folks a chance to see people in public life from the perspective of their faith, values and ideals. Derek Jeter, not only as a superstar athlete, but as a man who believes in a higher power. Anne Rice, not only as a best selling author who has sold over one hundred million books, but as a doubter who became a dedicated believer. Two amazing journeys of faith. You'll only find through Close Encounter.

Who else should we be seeking to interview? We welcome your suggestions.............


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Welcome by: Lisa 

 Welcome to our site! We were thrilled to get Derek Jeter and Anne Rice for our first two shows. Both entirely different interviews and equally wonderful. That's exactly what we'll be doing more of. Talking to well known public figures: actors, authors, athletes, politicians, singers, about what their faith and values mean to them. Something you don't hear them talk about-who they really are, what matters to them most and their relationship with God.


We see celebrities on shows plugging their latest project, book, movie, etc. But Jim and I will be focusing on the spiritual side. What do they think their purpose is in life? How have they gotten through challenges? And the importance of faith in their lives. 


On Close Encounter, we want viewers to not only gain a better understanding of who these people really are, but to be inspired by their stories as well. 


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