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Interviews With Kirk Cameron, Catherine Hicks and Jonathan Jackson by: Lisa 

Jim and I recently went to LA to interview actor Kirk Cameron, actress Catherine Hicks and actor Jonathan Jackson.

Kirk Cameron is known for starring in the hit series, "Growing Pains" and the married father of six spoke with us about his latest movie Fireproof. Fireproof, an independent film made for half a million dollars, with all volunteers, has already grossed over 23 million dollars and has gotten great reviews. The message of this powerful film is the importance and commitment of marriage.

 Lisa, Kirk Cameron and Msgr. Jim

Catherine Hicks, who played the mother Annie Camden on the popular long running series "7th Heaven", talked to us about what her faith means to her, her marriage and what she wants most for her teen daughter.

 Lisa, Catherine Hicks and Msgr. Jim

And Jonathan Jackson, the three time Emmy Award winner, who played Lucky the son of Luke and Laura on General Hospital as well as starring in several movies, talked about growing up in Hollywood while keeping his faith and values strong. Jonathan is now back on General Hospital reprising his role as Lucky.

Lisa, Jonathan Jackson and Msgr. Jim

So besides getting to travel and stay in beautiful Beverly Hills, Jim and I had the opportunity to get to speak in depth with these three terrific people and we'll be bringing you these interviews soon....

The series is scheduled to air on Sunday mornings on WCBS-TV!

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