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Close Encounter TV hosts Lisa Jandovitz and Jim Lisante
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Welcome by: Lisa 

 Welcome to our site! We were thrilled to get Derek Jeter and Anne Rice for our first two shows. Both entirely different interviews and equally wonderful. That's exactly what we'll be doing more of. Talking to well known public figures: actors, authors, athletes, politicians, singers, about what their faith and values mean to them. Something you don't hear them talk about-who they really are, what matters to them most and their relationship with God.


We see celebrities on shows plugging their latest project, book, movie, etc. But Jim and I will be focusing on the spiritual side. What do they think their purpose is in life? How have they gotten through challenges? And the importance of faith in their lives. 


On Close Encounter, we want viewers to not only gain a better understanding of who these people really are, but to be inspired by their stories as well. 


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