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A Meaningful Life by: Lisa 

I read an article the other day on how to have a meaningful life. Not an uncommon topic in many magazines. Most people want to have fulfilling work.

And many are searching for the best ways to use the gifts they have, at work, at home or in relationships with others. But our society does often associate money and fame with worth.

My 17 year old daughter recently told me, "I want to go into acting. I want to be famous." While I told her that acting is a wonderful profession, I also explained to her the percentage of people that actually become famous and the reason for her to want to study acting or be an actress shouldn't primarily be for fame. It has to be a passion. Something you feel you need to do and can't imagine not doing.

The people we'll be interviewing, like Derek Jeter and Anne Rice had that passion, Jeter for baseball and Rice for writing. And after each reached fame and fortune both still realized the importance of doing good, of making a difference. Many people feel that if I had this job, or that amount of money, I'd have it all. Jim and I will be speaking with people who 'have it all' fame, money, looks....but who haven't forgotten their faith and values and who still want to have meaningful lives.

Hopefully their stories will not only be entertaining, revealing, and moving but inspiring. Because no one ever talks to these famous people about the things that matter most...

We thank you also for your comments and good wishes!

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